The publications listed below are all peer reviewed journals.  Some focus exclusively on criminal justice and criminology while others are broader in scope but include articles on those subjects.  They are grouped by topic.  Articles in them are acceptable for assignments where you are required to use articles from such publications.  The list is not exhaustive, which means that you may well find articles in other journals that would be acceptable.  If you find an article in a journal that is not listed below, check with me to be sure it comes from a peer reviewed journal.

Many of the journals are available through the Rutgers library system, either on-line or in print at Robeson, Camden Law School Library or one of the other RU libraries.  If it is not available through Rutgers, you can request it through inter-library loan, but you should order well in advance of the date you need it because it can take a week or so for the library to receive an article from another library.  Before you order something through interlibrary loan, you should check the catalogue of the Camden Law Library.  They have several CJ-related journals, but their catalogue is not included in IRIS.  Ask a librarian for assistance in getting to the Law School’s on-line catalogue if you do not know how to do that.

In the event that the article you want is available through another RU library (i.e. not Robeson or Camden Law), you can request a copy of it online:

  1. First locate the title of the article you want by searching through an index such as Criminal Justice Abstracts or Academic Search Premier.  Note the title, author(s), volume and number of the journal, page numbers and date.
  2. Go to IRIS and enter the name of the journal.  If the volume of the journal you need is not available in Camden but is available in print at another RU library (and is not available on-line), click on “Article Delivery.”  After logging in on the window that opens, click on “Article Request” on the left-hand side of the screen.  Fill in the form that pops up and you should receive a copy of the article within a few days.


Correctional Health Today
Corrections Today

Forum on Corrections Research
IARCA Journal on Community Corrections
Journal of Offender Monitoring
Journal of Offender Rehabilitation
Journal of Probation and Parole
Prison Journal
Probation Journal
Punishment & Society: The International Journal of Penology


Child Abuse and Neglect
Child Maltreatment
Child Welfare
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
Journal of Adolescence
Journal of Adolescent Health
Journal of Adolescent Research
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Journal of Child Sexual Abuse
Journal of Clinical Child Psychology
Journal of Gang Research
Journal of Juvenile Law
Journal of Juvenile Justice & Detention Services
Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Journal of Youth and Adolescence
Juvenile and Family Court Journal
Reclaiming Children and Youth


American Journal of Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Drug and Alcohol Dependence
International Journal of the Addictions
Journal of Drug Issues


African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies
American Journal of Criminal Justice

American Sociological Review
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology
Behavioral Sciences and the Law
British Journal of Criminology
British Journal of Law and Society
Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice
Contemporary Issues in Criminology and the Social Sciences
Contemporary Justice Review
Crime and Justice
Crime & Delinquency
Crime & Social Justice
Crime, Law and Social Change
Crime Prevention & Community Safety:  An International Journal
Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice and Behavior
Criminal Justice:  The International Journal of Policy & Practice
Criminal Justice Policy Review
Criminal Justice Review
Criminal Justice Studies

Deviant Behavior
European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research
Feminist Criminology
Howard Journal of Criminal Justice
Indian Journal of Criminology
International Criminal Justice Review
International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice 
International Journal of Cyber Crimes and Criminal Justice
International Journal of Offender Therapy & Comparative Criminology

International Journal of the Sociology of Law
International Review of Criminal Policy
International Review of Victimology
Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice
Journal of Crime & Justice
Journal of Criminal Justice
Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
Journal of Criminal Justice Education
Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology
Journal of Experimental Criminology
Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling
Journal of Quantitative Criminology
Journal of Research in Crime & Delinquency
Justice Policy Journal
Justice Quarterly
Justice Research and Policy
Law & Policy Quarterly
Law & Society Review
Professional Issues in Criminal Justice
Scandinavian Journal:  Studies in Criminology and Crime
Social Forces
Social Justice
Social Science Quarterly
Sociology and Social Research
Southwest Journal of Criminal Justice
Turkish Journal of Criminology
Theoretical Criminology
Women and Criminal Justice


American Journal of Police
Australian Police Journal
International Journal of Police Science & Management
Journal of Behavioral Profiling
Police Practice & Research: An International Journal
Police Studies
Policing & Society


Aggression and Violent Behavior
Homicide Studies
Journal of Family Violence
Journal of Interpersonal Violence
Journal of School Violence

Violence Against Women
Violence and Victims


Journal of Asset Protection and Financial Crime
Journal of Money Laundering Control
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Behavior